Sunday, August 23, 2009

SEO techniques for beginners

Here are some SEO techniques perfectly appropriate and simple enough for beginners referencing.

- Discover a fresh niche with any eBay Pulse

If you are short of ideas for what is too searched the web for now, use eBay Pulse:
* Access to eBay Pulse, you will see the top searches on eBay now; * Find the Category button that is located just above; * Choose a category defined as Collections.

Now you will see the most wanted items on eBay

These themes have a great chance of being cool niches that you can enjoy and create blogs about using SEO techniques to make them appear on Google and even touch some euros AdSense!

- Generate traffic to your blog / site with Twitter

Twitter is a new social network allowing users to their networks to announce "what they are doing." It is possible to transmit and receive these updates through the Internet, instant messaging or SMS.

Webmasters can benefit from this network to generate traffic to their blogs or sites. This new technique of SEO brings traffic, readers and sincere good referencing.

The principle is simple, create an account at Twitter and consider adding updates about your site / blog from time to time, use this process too in order not to be seen as a spammer!
There are even widgets for WordPress, Blogger, ... and FireFox extensions that can be useful.
Make it a blog about a new product quickly in Google SERP

This technique of SEO helps you to see your blog on Google recently created a maximum after 2 hours!

* Look for a new product on ClickBank * Create a Squidoo Lens with the product name and write a short review about it, talk about ebay, amzon ... * Link the Lens to your affiliate ID Product *

Create a blog on Blogger through the same thing with Squidoo * Attach your blog with your Squidoo Lens by a link of Anchor * Add your Squidoo lens on DIGG and enjoy it with a positive comment * After more than two hours will bring you to the 2nd or 3rd rank on the SERP of Google for the title of your product!

I hope that these techniques of SEO you are quite useful!

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