Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earn money with your blog and google adsense

With blogs, people can interact with the Internet, and now anyone can publish anything on any subject without having a website, and anybody can win the money without even having a product! You can put anything in your blog: your political opinions, religious or whatever you think of a star. You can write articles, add videos, or sound. You can put your photos, your comments ... or writing scientific articles.

For people who do not create a web page, this is not the end. Because blogs do not require any knowledge to create web pages. In fact, you do not need any specialized technical knowledge or software, nor money to start earning money with a blog.

There are several ways to make money with his blog ... that is, the easiest method remains Google adsense. Remember that you can all create a blog and use Google Adsense to generate money, just like a website. You can even generate as much money with your blog with your website.

It is important to write on specific topics, and add specific keywords to obtain the best results and highest revenue with Google AdSense ads. Add below your adsense code and voila. People come to read, see or hear your content and click on your adsense ads. This is how you earn money.

We must decide what you want to write using some search keywords. The search for keywords is easy if you use Google Adwords. Search for keywords related to your topic that are well paid. These are keywords where the bid is high. Make a list of keywords and use this list when you write your article.

But remember that if you want people to visit your blog from time to time, your blog is well written and informative. We should not only target keywords for the sake of targeting keywords: the article should have meaning! Check the content is the first step to drive traffic to your blog, and to profit from AdSense ads!

Note here that search engines love blogs and google in particular. Referencing blogs is much easier than websites. However, we must try to change, improve the content of your web pages. In addition, we must try to optimize your blog for search engines and submit your blogs in the major directories and search engines.

However, you must know how to put your ads on your web pages so that the ads cause the most clicks, in a natural way. Ads must be keeping an attractive and interesting content without converting your Web pages by billboards. That is what we will discuss in another article.

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