Sunday, August 23, 2009

The formula for success in marketing information

If you have decided to establish your business on the internet is that you go through different methods to generate visitors and then convert them to create an information product, communicate, promote and maintain good relationships with your customers.

I imagine the difficulties that will face a beginner in this area, which has just started, because I myself experienced the same situation.

I will never forget my early marketing information when I started my business on the Internet. At the time I lived in a tiny room that I coutait 135 euro j'arrive difficult to resolve at the end of each month. In my room I had an office across from my bed and a computer.

I never created a web page, I do not even know what the cost per click is a friend who taught me everything. At this point I have never written a book, I never issued an information product. What's more, at the time I had no access to free tools that you can find on the internet today to create your business marketing information.

Nobody showed me how to find niches that relate or how to publish my information product. What I try to explain here is that I understand what's at the start of his case and did not find success. So when I give you my report to be successful in marketing information is that it is based on extensive experience. I do not hang it lightly and you either.

The basic formula for successful business on the Internet is composed of three pillars:

- The number 1 is the pillar of the customer: that is all you need to do to attract visitors to your site, and convince them to become subscribers.

- The number 2 is the pillar of content: it is your information product itself, what you sell to your prospects and provide them the information they want.

- The number 3 is the pillar of conversion: that is all you need to do to convert your site visitors into buyers. This pillar includes your newsletter, your sales letter etc ...

The success in marketing information must be based on these three pillars. You can not ignore one of these pillars. A case in marketing information can not succeed without a solid customer base, content and conversion.

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