Sunday, August 23, 2009

Protect your position on google

Reach the top of search results is one thing, keeping this position is a different part of the game It takes much time and effort to get a higher ranking in search engines, but once you've reached , you must continue to deploy your efforts to stay there. The many tasks you have done to achieve this excellent positioning must be carried out continuously to stay on top.

This includes regular updates of your website, but most remain at the top of search results comes more technical off-page optimization.

In other words, you must continue to establish these links one way. You want links to your site from websites that receive much traffic, but also in the high ranks of search engines for these keywords. And as you get inbound links from such sites, search engines see you as a site just as important. There are many ways to get incoming link on the websites of other persons. The best way, however, is to participate in their blogs, submit content, if permitted and participate in their forums to include your own link in all these activities.

If you contact the site owner to request a link to your site you will be asked very often to make an exchange. The reciprocal links or link exchange, links are often canceled at worst you penalize it by the mood of Google. If you have the famous Google PageRank you can freeze if you do absorb another site to lower or zero PageRank.

Outbound links have a worse effect on your positioning, because they are taken into account by Google. The effect on the PageRank is simply undeniable. You need to pay attention to outbound links that you allow on your pages, generally avoid them and instead go to the conquest and the establishment of inbound links.

For this reason, it is better to find another way to get your link on this site. If really no other means are possible, then accept the link exchange if the site is worth your point of view, that of your visitors and search engines in general (attention to PageRank for Google).

You just continue to raise your website, adding content on a regular basis, adhering to all rules of SEO optimization and obtaining continuing important inbound links to your site. Other strategies can also help you grow your site on the top of the pavement. Study of new movements such as marketing of social networks, blogs and Twitter among others who made a lot of noise in the rest of the world.

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