Monday, August 24, 2009

How to find other products

To develop a good marketing strategy, it must sell one product. Some marketers chasing clients to sell their leu single product. I will assure you are not the richest! No, the really successful marketers who are beginning the process differently, from another angle. They have a product that is beyond reproach, then they have developed around this produces a range of products. It is always easier to sell to a customer who knows you than one that you do not know. The trust given, everything becomes easier.

That is why it is difficult to understand why this source of income and often so poorly exploited. Is it a desire, a belief that the customer knows us and he will find our site to keep ... A fear of disturbing them?

Who knows you?

Operating and maintaining contact with your clients, you establish a real relationship of trust. Not a fleeting relationship, you really create a genuine talk about everything, everything you do, what you plan, all you have tested and you need time to offer them other products you've created just for them, because you know that it can oblige.

This seems to happen so difficult?

Of course, you do not keep 100% of your audience receptive to what you are and what you do, but we must seek the maximum. The more your customer base you will have more ways of generating profits. Now this customer base can be even more useful. Imagine that for some product launches, you seek to give their opinion. It is these people who are most likely to buy them but will also be the best how to answer you. They begin to know or you know, they know your brand and quality products they expect they know better than anyone why they have trusted you.

By focusing from time to time and not necessarily all, you consolidate that relationship of trust. If you can create this link with them, if you offer them products and quality information, your competition may try to solicit them, they did not move.

The reverse is also true. If you do nothing to build this relationship, it will be the first to go, and once they are gone, you will have much evil to bring them back.

It is therefore very important to listen to them, keep in touch, to make certain concessions and mostly still do anything for them. A satisfied customer is a customer for life and that customer is worth its weight in gold because it will guide you through your research and your products will make your success. Know meet their expectations, they will make you well beyond the financial aspect.

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