Sunday, August 23, 2009

Google Adsense presentation and major recommendations

What is Adsense?

It is an affiliate program set up by Google. Once registered, you edit a part of advertising. You can actually choose the size, content (text and / or images), the colors at leisure ... A robot will then scan your page and adjust the frame content on your site. Each time a visitor clicks on a link displayed, click will be recorded and converted into money (about 5 cents to 50 dollars ... variable).

Note in passing that you can find modules Adsense everywhere on a lot of sites! This is by far one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet. In addition, the links often service to readers ...

What can I earn?

It depends on the number of clicks per day, therefore the number of visits to your site or blog ... For example, if you have 100 visitors a day, expect say 3 clicks on the ads if your Adsense module is not misplaced, about 5 cents to 50 dollars per click ... A good entrepreneur earns 10 to 500 euros per day! Learn by example on the advice of Joel Comm for more ... To dream a little: you will find here the biggest gains with Google Adsense. Adsense is profitable for sites with heavy traffic! It is an additional income with little investment. But let's be realistic, during the first days of your sites, it would be nice if you have 5 clicks per day! Hence the importance of an excellent reference for more visitors. Compensation: by PAYPAL

The golden rules of our team for Adsense:

They are too numerous for us to list them all ... Key. Indeed, some have even written books and e-books full, like Joel Comm, books that have proved to be best-sellers ... - Beware of the format! Too large, you hide your content, too small, the reader does not see ... Do not modules Adsense does that line up! - Attention to the location of modules! Obviously does not put footnotes in a corner ... Instead, you must arrange to make your Adsense STAR module on your page! The ideal is to be included in the text of your page, making sure to blend colors.

The idea is to encourage the reader to read the content, make it a must. - Beware of the chosen colors! This is fundamental. - Observe the number of clicks and traffic to your pages. Feel free to change the format of the modules of your Adsense pages and observe the impact on the number of clicks.

We will mount the 3 factors that can help you increase your income via Adsense.
1st factor: heavy traffic You may have created the best site in the world, if not visited, you have no chance of obtaining substantial income. Plus you have visitors, you will have more clicks, and thus income.

2nd factor: choosing keywords We have already seen in the previous chapter how to choose keywords. Indeed, the AdSense ads from the advertising program called Google Adwords. In this program, advertisers pay for each visitor that Google sends, and the price of the visitor is determined by the principle of an auction. Therefore, the greater the competition among advertisers, the more the price per click increases.

In Adsense, you touch a part of what Google receives from the advertiser. So, the more the advertiser pays the price, you make more money! And the advertiser, targeting ads based on a selection of keywords.

You must find those keywords where advertisers pay dearly and you can increase your Adsense income. Our advice: Make your list of keywords as we've learned to do in the chapter on traffic and referencing. This is to let you know via Adwords. Then, focus on the keywords most profitable Adsense! Enjoy them in your Adsense ads.

3rd factor: format and ad placement Count as 1 to 8% of visitors will click your Adsense links. On this basis, therefore you should aim to increase this percentage up to encourage visitors to click your links.

WARNING! ! ! Remember, it is strictly forbidden to explicitly urge to click Adsense by formulas such as "click here" ... Similarly, it is forbidden to click on his own links, whatever the reason! Google reserves the right to permanently remove the account in question, and they do not laugh about it! A blocking system of "invalid clicks" was established, it is effective.
However, if you respect this rule, then a door opens to wonderful.

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